"When you live your entire life on a lake, like Lake Sammamish,  with such a rich history in the watersports industry, you do what you say you’re going to do. I said, I’m going to build Wakesurf boards, boards that are the highest performing and longest lasting. I wanted to shape a board for every person’s ability and Surf-style goal.  We strive to offer the best warranty, service and support available to our customers in the industry."

Jeff Page, Owner

Inland Surfer was the first Wakesurf company in watersports history, offering the 1st Wakesurf Board, followed by the 1st Wakesurf Rope, early on, when Wakesurfers were using Wakeboard handles and lines. We could quickly see safety at issue, not using the proper equipment for our new sport. Inland Surfer also engineered the first Wakesurf Fins, while other companies used, Skim-style ocean fins and inherent Surf-style ocean fins.  Inland Surfer offered the first Wakesurf Vest, in 2016, specifically designed for Wakesurf competitors, by Wakesurf competitors. We now offer a complete line of accessories, including Fins, Traction Pads, Bags & Socks.