Graduated Lineup

The 2017 Inland Surfer Graduated Lineup. 

Aside from optioning up your board for maximum performance and preference with Fins, Traction & Wax this guide is designed to help yuo graduate through the lineup.  If you're new to Inland Surfer you can call us at (425)747-6055 extension 1, submit a contact request form  or email us by clicking here

If you currently own an Inland Surfer this guide will help you navigate your next upgrade. 

1st Board

Beginner Wakesurf

Ika 46

Tako 5'0


Mini-Me Surf 3'

Mini-Me Skim 3'

Beginner Surf-Style

Red Rocket 5'6

Beginner Skim-Style

Black Pearl 4'8

2nd Board

Intermediate Surf-Style

Mucus 4'11

Blue Lake 5'2

Green Room 5'7

Intermedia Skim-Style

Squirt 5'0

3rd Board

Advanced Surf-Style

Sweet Spot 4'8

Swallow Tail 5'3

Air 134 4'5

Air 139 4'7

Advanced Skim-Style

Ooze 4'3

4th Board

Pro Surf-Style

Keenan Pro Small 4'4

Keenan Pro Large 4'7

G-Ride 4'6

Girls G-Ride 4'6

G-Force 4'9

Pro Skim-Style

Caro Pro 4'5

Sean Pro 4'3

Keenan Pro Small 4’2