Delivery Info

Inland Surfer exclusively uses FedEx for all small shipments and shipments of 10 boards or less. We will not ship US Postal Service for any orders. Orders of 11 or more boards will be shipped freight delivery with our logistics company. Will call and drop shipping is available, fees apply.

PLEASE NOTE: Inland Surfer will ship your orders using your FedEx or UPS account number; a $10 processing fee will be applied. You must provide Inland Surfer with your FedEx or UPS account number before _first shipment and specify request on order sheet.


Shipping Terms:

  1. All accounts will be secured with a valid credit card before order is shipped.
  2. All drop shipments will be paid using credit card on _file.
  3. All drop shipments must be paid in full by ship date.
  4. All drop shipments must be signed for by an adult upon delivery.
  5. All drop ship sales are _final.
  6. All drop shipments will be shipped using Federal Express only. (Unless you provide UPS account number in advance.)
  7. A $10 processing fee will be charged to every shipment and/or “will call” pick up.
  8. All drop shipments will be charged an additional $10.00 drop ship fee.
  9. International drop shipping is NOT available. This includes Canada.
  10. Quantity discounts do not apply to drop shipments.
  11. A _at rate shipping charge of $49.00 per board will be charged for all board orders of 10 or less.
  12. A _at rate shipping charge of $500.00 per pallet (26x boards per pallet) will be charged for all board orders of 11 or more for freight delivery.
  13. International customers, including Canada, must arrange their own shipping.
  14. In case of cancellation of drop shipment, all products will be redirected to the Inland Surfer dealers’ location and additional shipping fees will be charged to dealer.
  15. All in-stock items will ship within 7 business days. Please note: We DO NOT ship the same day the order is placed. In most cases in-stock items ship within 24 – 48 hours.
  16. Expedited shipping is NOT available. *Special requests may be considered. A $100.00 express shipping fee will be charged in addition to expedited shipping fees.
  17. In case of cancelation of any orders that have been shipped, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay return freight and a $50 restocking fee. Cancellation, redirection, returns or damage claims MUST be made within 24 hours of delivery.
  18. A $50.00 handling fee will be charged for redirected orders.
  19. Inland Surfer may charge a $50.00 processing fee for all claims on shipments, including damage claims, returns, cancellations, redirections or delivery refused orders.
  20. Inland Surfer will charge a $50.00 restocking fee per item for returned product.
  21. All returns must be approved by Inland Surfer and are subject to additional shipping, handling, processing and restocking fees. All products must be reshipped in original packaging. Products shipped back to Inland Surfer which have incurred freight damage due to purchaser’s improper packaging of the product will not be covered by any warranty and will result in less than full credit and/or will be charge dat full price.

Damage Claims: Upon receipt of all product, inspect box for damage, unpack all contents and inspect immediately (claims must be made within 24 hours). Store original packaging in good  condition for a period of time. You will need original packaging to proceed with any damage claim. If you discard original packaging you forfeit any damage claim opportunity.


Damage Claim Procedure:

  1. Accept delivery of all product
  2. Open and inspect
  3. Contact Inland Surfer immediately to report any and all damage. Inland Surfer will take care of initiating claim process and schedule pick up of damaged package.
  4. Re-pack damaged contents in original packaging and in the original manner it was received. Inspect all product upon arrival. Damage claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery.