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Evo explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining art, music, streetwear, and the ever-changing sports we love. Our aim is to bring all things relevant to the urban, action sports lifestyle into one creative space. Whether it is on the website, on the phone or in our store, our focus is to make all who come into contact with Evo feel welcome and excited about their experience.

Bart’s WaterSports

(574) 834-7666
It was 1972. I had just graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Biology and a love for competition waterskiing. I rented an old farmhouse for $85 a month, borrowed $2000 and began selling Maharajah and Cypress Garden skis. I enjoyed every day I went to work.  In 1976 we moved into a new facility and hired our first full-time employee. We were determined to keep our promise of shipping within 24 hours, a novel idea at the time. In 1994 we were fortunate to have a state-of-the-art distribution facility and 45 of the best water sports professionals prepared to answer all your questions. After 43 years some things haven’t changed. We are still in North Webster, Indiana (population 885). We still ship within 24 hours. And I still enjoy every day I go to work, Bart Culver.

The House Out Door Gear

( 800-409-7669

Does your heart start pounding on Monday in anticipation of Saturday’s snowboard outing? Do you dream of Fat Bikes instead of sandy beaches? Would you rather climb Everest than the corporate ladder? Since 1982, The House has been passionate about equipping everyone from weekend warriors to sherpas with the best outdoor gear on the planet. Gear is an extension of who we are and what we value, so it must enrich the experiences that keep our active lives moving forward.

At each touchpoint, The House educates, enriches and invigorates its members to form a symbiotic relationship among cultures, sports, and lifestyles. Each product we sell has been researched and tested by experts and, ultimately, approved by the end user–that’s you, the driving force behind everything that keeps us stoked! Simply put: We Embody What We Sell.

Our goal is to become the single-source experts on everything active sports. Thanks to the active lifestyles of our loyal members, The House stocks over 65,000 products in St. Paul, MN and is one of the world’s largest outdoor gear retailers. With all this gear, feel free to take up new adventures.

The House has been in business for over 30 years, providing the best gear to riders worldwide. With our experience and expertise, you can order with confidence, either on our secure website or by calling us toll-free at (800) 409-SNOW.

If you have any questions about doing business with us, please call us at (800) 409-SNOW or email us at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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